How to Improve Your Career Growth

How to improve your career growth: Career growth is one principle every career-minded person holds unto tenaciously.

Choosing a career over others might be a hard choice to make, but improving on your career might a harder aspect to follow.

Career growth is intentional and you as an individual to get to the peak you desire, you must take some bold steps.

In choosing a career, carving a niche for yourself may sound interesting, but how to effectively carry out this proposed plan might be an uphill task.

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Tips on How to Improve your career growth

A sure way to get things going for you is to stick to a plan. This is the area setting goals comes into play.

Goal setting plays a pivotal role when it comes to you improving your career growth. Improving a career simply work with a mindset.

Every industry seems to have some peculiarity; in all, having a plan, keeping abreast with the industry trends would crown your efforts.

It generally requires zeal and drive from your end.

Choosing a career and staying in the career are in a way different. The latter appear more difficult.

Staying in your career and being happy is what a majority do not have luxury of. Career fulfillment is an advancement rather than monetary gains.

Although, money may at first be a motivating factor for choosing that career, but in the long-run, such rational should be changed.

Staying fulfilled in your career would attract the monetary value. Any investment you made towards improving your career growth would earn you some accolades.

Students in colleges and tertiary institutions may be obsessed with a particular field, hence, the decision can directly or indirectly determine the future.

Career decision can be influenced by passion no doubt. College/tertiary students need more orientation and not stick to pals or parents decisions.

Students are however, advised to choose a career mentor early. Career coaches/guidance counselors act as guilds to help in discovering and achieving set goals.

How to improve your career growth: Individuals who really want to enjoy a career fulfilled dream must learn to follow their heart and plan towards achieving that set goal.

Ideally, if you desire to improve on your career growth, there are certain steps that must be taken.

Career growth is more of an investment plan that if well executed, it would yield profits.


  • Setting goals for yourself basically is the first step needed to be put in place.

Making that wise decision to settle for that chosen career path and setting a target for yourself signifies that you are aimed for reaching that career peak.

Your set goal is your map that guilds you. If you fail to stick to these goals it might affect you. Therefore, avoiding distractions and constantly revisiting your goals which is either drafted in your notebook or mobile phone would keep you going.

In setting your goals, it is imperative you understand you are not working on a temporary plan. Goals are meant to be achieved. If not achieved, it could be revisited.

In all do you, stick to the plan and work according to the plan.


  • Seek for a career coach/mentor

If you have plan on how to improve on your career growth, definitely, you would be needing some form of guidance and mentoring.

In choosing your mentor, do check the antecedents of the person who wish to stick to as your guild.

Your mentor should be able to share a certain amount of belief same with yours.

Always keep tabs with your mentor. Whether situations all appear rosy to you, your mentor should be a part of you.


  • Attend workshops/seminars.

Learning is a process. If you are really eager you want to improve on your career growth, you must attend key workshops.

Every day they say we learn. What you stand to learn from that workshop might just be one of your success stories.

As earlier stated, Career growth is more of an investment plan that if well executed, it would yield profits. Invest wisely in your career today to achieve that result tomorrow.

Attend seminars/symposiums to keep you abreast with industry trends. Seek for professional course/programmes to groom yourself.

Some certification courses earned would be an edge for you. With this, you will far ahead of your contemporaries.


  • Identify with career-focused people

There is a popular cliché, Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. There is complete sense in this. If you desire to achieve that goal, you must smartly select people you wish to be identified with.

You and your friends should think ‘alike’. Networking is very important in building a career path. Your career friends can fast-track that dream pursuit of yours.

A perfect connection is more than enough for you. Through brainstorming and other efforts you and your career friends put together can make the journey an easy ride.

Transfer of information is very necessary in career advancement. Your networks can influence you positively. Remember the saying ‘’information is power’’.

How you go about choosing and identifying your networks would only be figured out by you.

Registering with professional bodies can be the easy way out.


  • Be a voracious reader

Readers they say are leaders. Cultivate the idea of reading. Knowledge comes in various capacities.

Read books which are much related to your field. Also, you can browse on other books that are career molders. This is to help sharpen your intellectuality and help you stay focused in your pursuit for career growth.

Wide readers are open to information and sometimes, innovative ideas. Spend quality time to read articles, workshop materials and other motivational books.

Oh yes! motivational books are key to career growth. You need books to stir up the spirit in you.


  • Stay focused

There is no ‘’glory without a history’’. How to improve your career growth. You might have probably heard some beautiful success stories of some individuals.

These things comes with hard work, optimism and perseverance.

The possibility you will experience some bottlenecks is certain. Staying put and sticking to your goals would pave way for you.

In trying to improve your career growth, be ready. See every stumbling block as a test to your ability.