Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements

Study in Ukraine: Tuition| Living Expenses| Admission| Visa Requirements

Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. Its capital is Kiev. The country is bordered to the Northeast Belarus, to the Northwest Poland and Slovakia to the west Romania, Hungary and to the southwest Moldova.

Education in Ukraine and how to apply for admission

Ukraine is one of the power houses when it comes to education. Most of the institutions are are fully accredited with a global degree recognition. International consider Ukraine as an option basically, for its quality education with an affordable tuition fee.


The country value education and this why it enjoys a massive 99.4% literacy rate which makes it on top of several European nations.

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Why Study in Ukraine

It is not a surprise to see Ukraine to consistently attract foreign students to its country. However, it is one of the top spots for abroad education with cheaptuition fee. Study have that Ukraine, is a popular destination for education amongst African and Asian students.



Ukraine is generally good for medical course. Every year, top universities receives thoisands of applications. Obtaining a degree from any of its tertiary institutions is recognized all over the world.

Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements. For Medical courses and degrees, they’re recognized by, USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), WHO, UNESCO entirety of EU and Various International Organizations.

  • Ukrainian Method of Teaching has gained global acceptance
  • Students do participate in Seminars, Project Work, etc. in other European countries
  • One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe

Availability of part time jobs

Students have the opportunity to work to enable them support their tuition and other costs.

*Other things you stand to enjoy studying in Ukraine

  • No Entry Test
  • TOEFL or IELTS not required
  • There is English language as language of Instruction
  • Practical Aspects in Teachin
  • International Students enjoys up to 50% discounts on travel
  • Foreign national (Students) Exchange Program with counterpart from other European nations
  • Possibilities of Permanent Residency in Europe after completion of program

How to apply for Admission In Ukraine?

Requirements for Admission into Ukrainian Universities

Basically, to apply into any Ukrainian University, you are to follow these application measures.

They include following the general Admission procedures

Apply for Visa. Applying on time is very important.

Admission Requirements

Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements. Adhering to admission instructions can lead to a sucessful admission. The requirements may vary from school to school or otherwise.

The requirements in Ukranian universities includes:

1. Duly completed Application form

2. Bio data page of your International passport

3. Secondary school leaving Certificate

4. A copy of completed Secondary school grades

5. A Copy of Bank teller for payment (some universities demand this)

Visa Processing

These are the necessary documents to present for your visa applicationm

1. Valid international Passport

2. Original invitation/admission letter

3. Letter of confirmation from university to Ukrainian consulate in your home country

4. Health insurance certification valid in Ukraine

5. Medical result(in some cases)

6. Other internal requirements a

Indicated by Ukrainian embassy in your home country.

Some countries wouldn’t need visa into Ukraine. Some countries that were once members of the Soviet Union are visa free countries. E.g. Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. Nevertheless, check the Ukrainian consulate in your country to verify if you will need visa or not.

Travel Requirements

1. Valid international passport with Visa

2 Visa (At the point of entry)

University Registration Requirements

1. 6-8 passport Photographs (3×4)

2. Original copies of documents listed above alongside signed and translated copy

3. University Medical Examination

4. Medical fitness Certification

Admission for Graduate studies

Additional Requirements for Postgraduate Students

1. A copy of applicant’s Bachelor/Masters certificate

2. University Transcripts

3. Visa


Ukraine offers scholarships to eligible students just like other countries in the region. Aside the scholarship provision, universities in Ukraine operate low tuition fee. Tuition fees are affordable with up to 40% subsidy for students, international students inclusive.


Financial Aid

The Ukrainian medical study center will always give financial aid to the best students who come to study in Ukraine. Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements. UMEC gives to its outstanding students an annual scholarship package from the second year of their study. These scholarships received by the students is one thousand USD or basically 20% of their tuition fees. The scholarship is not fixed as it varies from one student to the other and it is strictly based on student’s merit.

Do not depend entirely on scholarships you may get from the government or the institution of your choice. Students studying in Ukraine bear the burden of paying for their living expenses by themselves depending on the financial aid given them by their parent or sponsor.

Planning ahead is very key. It’s important that all students who desire to come to study be it Medicine or Engineering in Ukraine, plan towards your finances.



Why Study in Ukraine-Admission requirements. There are several ways through which smart students can earn scholarship while studying in Ukraine.

1. On certain services provided to UMEC. Student can obtain scholarship from the 2nd year of their study. This service does not demand so much effort and would not interrupt the study of any student.Student can advertise their (Ukrainian university) services via internet and if they eventually get good reference from any student’s advertisement such student get to enjoy payment of his fees in full.

2. If a student excelled in his study and help other students symbolically to achieve also good results the university will support such studentpartially in paying his tuition fees. In some other cases if a student is very good in any kind of social orextracurricular activities which effects to get good results and good name in overall student community, they also will provide that student partial scholarship.

3. If during your summer vacations of three months any student help the university in promoting the university in a certain country order than Ukraine, then the university also will help by partly or by giving you full scholarship.UMEC help students just as they also are ready to help themselves make a brightcareer in their study in Ukraine.

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