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The name Mauritius is consonant with ‘Beauty’. Many refer Mauritius, as a ‘tropical island paradise’. The country is not only known for tourism, education, industrial, financial, ICT, have taken the center stage. Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent. In recent times, top universities in Mauritius, have been receiving bulk of applications. All thanks to its diversified economy and working system.

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Tertiary Education in Mauritius:

The education system in Mauritius is greatly laudable. The tertiary institutions in Mauritius run fully accredited programmes with various institutions offering undergraduate and graduate programmes. Degrees obtained from any of the universities has a global recognition. *Please note, the school you attend outlines the costs, schedule for the school year, and the required admission requirements for each student. In nearly all cases, testing is a requirement for any foreign student to ensure he or she has the necessary education to perform well within the school.

Students can obtain a degree, though some enroll in programs that are shorter, earning them a certificate or diploma within one year.

Intake period in Mauritius: The academic calendar begins around August/ September and continues through December and January.

Why study in Mauritius:

  1. Great study environment: Mauritius provides students the luxury of having quality moments of peace while studying in Mauritius. Mauritius,-+ is among the violent-free countries.
  2. Political stability. Students take their study journey to countries with antecedents of responsible government. Mauritius is one country known for not experiencing post-election violence and other political-related crises.
  3. Revamped economy. The economy of Mauritius is fast becoming one of the best in the African soil. Recently, Mauritius is enjoying a great economic transformation from a low-income, agriculturally based economy to a diversified, upper-middle-income country that has attracted considerable foreign investments.

Cost of living and study in Mauritius

Mauritius has primarily two types of universities, private as well as public. Expectedly, the tuition for most of the public universities are lower than those in private universities.

Private Universities have an average tuition fee of around US $4000.

Students Housing

There are available housing options for students. This depends on the individual’s budget. The options includes:

Hall: Students can choose either by staying in student’s hall, which is very affordable. This can cost US $300-$500 pesos).

To rent an apartment (will cost around 1000 US $750).

To become a paying guest (will cost around US $ 600 pesos with food included).

Scholarships for study in Mauritius

The Mauritius Government offers scholarships for students wishing to study in the country. The main intention of the government scholarships is to help students in completing tertiary education. These special study based scholarship are offered to the academic proficient students as well as those who lack the financial ability in terms of study. Scholarships are offered after a through screening process and consequent interviews.

Open Scholarships

There are also a number of open scholarships that are offered by world organizations for Common wealth and SADC countries. The Government frequently advertises for scholarship during intervals in the academic year.

Major courses to study in Mauritius:

Some areas of study are very much present here and in demand. This includes areas of study such as:

  • Management
  • Information Technology
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Fashion and Design
  • Psychology

However, many other programs exist as well. Schools offer a wide range of courses available to those who are international students.

List of Low Tuition Universities in Mauritius
  • University of Technology, Mauritius
  • University of Mauritius
  • Open University of Mauritius
  • African Leadership University
  • Amity Global Business School, Mauritius
  • Aberystwyth University, Mauritius
  • Middlesex University, Mauritius

Visa Application for Mauritius

Mauritius requires that the institution in which a student is enrolled apply to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) in Mauritius for the visa on the student’s behalf. The application process takes 2-3 weeks. Once the application has been approved, the PIO issues permission for provisional entry permit valid for three months to enable them to travel to Mauritius.

Once the student is in Mauritius, they are required to do a series of medical checks (stool and urine samples, chest x-ray and blood samples) to ensure that the student is not suffering from any contagious diseases specifically, HIV, Hepatitis B or chest infection.

There are two potential outcomes of this medical assessment;

If the medical certificate proves that the student is infected with a contagious disease, his/her provisional entry permit would be cancelled and he/she would be required to leave Mauritius within two weeks.
If the medical certificate is clear, the student will be issued with a permanent student visa which will be valid for the full period of study with ALU.

At the beginning of each subsequent academic year, ALU will submit documentary evidence to the PIO to confirm that the student is pursuing his studies under the same programme.
To avoid a student being denied stay in Mauritius we encourage all applicants to conduct the abovementioned medical checks prior to their arrival in Mauritius. Should your medical check prove positive for any of the abovementioned conditions, please contact us immediately so we can discuss next steps.

To avoid being denied stay in Mauritius, students MUST conduct the above mentioned medical checks prior to their arrival in Mauritius. Should your medical check prove positive for any of the above mentioned conditions, please contact us immediately so we can discuss further. The Mauritius authorities will still require you to re-take these tests when you arrive, however, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises we require that you take the tests in your home country as well.

How to apply for a provisional entry permit to Mauritius

The following documents are required to apply for an entry permit to Mauritius;

  • Application form
  • Passport photos (only colour photos will be accepted)
  • Copy of passport (valid for period of study)
  • Acceptance form signed by the student
  • 3-months bank statement verified (stamped and signed) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country
  • Results of medical checks (for the school verification only)

For students 18 years of age and below, the following additional documents are required;

  • Signed parent/guardian consent form
  • Scanned copy of parent/guardian’s passport
  • A scanned copy of student’s birth certificate

These forms and requirements will be provided on the admitted student portal. For any further queries regarding student permits, please contact the Admissions team.

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