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Study in Madagaster

Best schools in Madagaster. Madagascar, was formerly known as the Malagasy Republic. It is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa.

Madagaster is fast becoming an education hub. International students still planning to to take a study trip to Madagaster, can simply follow the instructions on how to apply in the official webpage of the institution of their choice.

The country is one of the countries that teaches in English medium. With this, students from English-speaking countries, can attend universities that teaches in english medium.

Basically, for you to pursue any degree program in Madagaster, you need to obtain a student visa to do so. This is done through the government, but in most cases, the college or university you enroll into will help you through the process of applying for the visa. It is necessary to apply for a visa only after receiving the promise of enrollment.

Tertiary Education in Madagaster

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Study in Madagaster

Madagaster has both private and public institutions. There are several universities present in Madagascar. The popular universities includes:

  • Reformed University of Madagascar
  • University of Antananarivo
  • University of Antsiranana
  • University of Fianarantsoa
  • University of Mahajanga
  • University of North Madagascar
  • University of Toamasina
  • University of Toliara
  • Zurcher Adventist University

 Intake Period

The school system of  Madagaster is similar to other countries considered as top study abroad countries. The buildup of the school year depends on the school, but most programs begin enrollment in August and the programs will run through June of the following year. However, short term options and full time education (including year round education) are some options.

Most students will study for two or three years to earn the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. Best schools in Madagaster.  Masters and graduate degree programs are also available especially in the areas of business, health, sciences, and technology. These programs last one or two years, but additional study can continue.

Tuition Fee in Madagaster

Tuition fee in Madagaster is very affordable. Most education is available at a low cost. Private universities tend to be higher in cost, but still remain moderately priced and average for the region.

Please note. Free education is not available to international students, though. Students who are traveling to study here also have to supply their own health insurance and provide the visa registrar with proof of your ability to pay for your living expenses while in the country.

Admission and Fees

Bachelor’s degree

Minimum level required:

First year: secondary school diploma with any major or equivalent

Admission process :

School records examination for eligibility

The examination of the school records focuses on the grades obtained in different school subjects.

Selection tests :

If you are eligible after the analysis of your academic record, you will be invited to write a personal essay, take an online test and a motivational interview with the Director of Studies.

The online test includes general knowledge, French, English, thinking capacity and personality traits.

The interview tests your motivation, communication skills and soft skills.

If the outcome of the test is accepted by the admission team, you will be invited to finalize the registration process as well as the administrative and financial procedures.

Documents required :

 Admission for the first year :

  • 6 recent photos
  • 1 copy of birth certificate stating filial relationship
  • 1 copy of ID card or valid passport
  • Copy of diploma or bulletin of the bachelor

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees €-3000   MGA-11.400.000

Job Opportunities-After studies.

To pursue a career in Madagaster can be a fascinating idea. Best schools in Madagaster. After graduating from the university, individuals may have the ability to remain in the country to work. There are employment opportunities available for those with a higher education degree, especially in research programs, the health industry, and business development (growing sectors in the country.)

Studying in Madagascar can be an exciting opportunity. There are a variety of opportunities present for those who have a dedication to their field. The rich culture, availability of education, and numerous long term options are all reasons to enroll here. Students should consider these opportunities for international study.

Additionally, the area that is suffering from deforestation and agricultural overuse often has a demand for those who can help improve these circumstances.

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