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Career in Australian National University(ANU). Australian National University AKA ‘ANU’, is a national research university located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The main campus is situated in Acton. The Australian National University is made up of seven teaching and research colleges, in addition to several national academies and institutes.

ANU is Australia’s top-ranked university, positioned among the world’s leading universities. Australian national university, is one of the world’s most highly-respected universities. Career in Australian National University(ANU). Students who wish to pursue a degree here are to follow the simple application processes.

The Austrlian national university offers degree at all levels. Students enrolling into undergraduate degree would practically enjoy every moment studying here. Before then, following this study guide and having all the necessary requirements would see you having a succesful application processes.

Why study in Australian National University?

Education in Australia, can be a dream come through for many. Australia one of the best countries that offers quality education. A study in Australian National University, which sits at number one in Australian university rankings consistently attract international students to its university. ANU, is highly recommended for its highly research-intensive nature.

Australian National University, has pioneered a range of flexible degree options that put you in charge of your education, ensuring you can develop the skills and expertise you need for your dream career.

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Australian National University


Incase, you need assistance, ANU, has an extensive network of official agent representatives in more than 50 countries. Career in Australian National University(ANU). Agents can help you with you enquiries and all aspects of your applications.

The admission requirements published here are the minimum requirements that need to be met for you to be considered for admission into any program. Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee that you will be accepted in this or future years. ANU reserves the right to amend admissions requirements at any time.

Steps to follow:

Step 1
Choose your degree preferences

Visit Programs & Courses to explore our degree programs. You can search by degree title or subject area, and you can compare or combine two programs with our Flexible Double Degree™ creator. So, even if you haven’t decided what you want to study, you have a flexible option.

Entry requirements

Each degree at ANU has minimum entry requirements that must be met for your application to be considered and some degrees have specific admission requirements, such as prerequisite subjects, that must be met in addition to the overall minimum entry score. If you are applying for entry to a Flexible Double Degree™, you must meet the higher requirement of the two degrees as well as any additional requirements for both degrees to be considered for admission.

The following guides provide the minimum entry requirements for a range of secondary qualifications from across the world for commencement in the given year. Career in Australian National University(ANU). If you have completed at least one year of study at university, your application may be assessed on the basis of your previous university results.

Please note: Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee that you will be accepted in this or future years. ANU reserves the right to amend admissions requirements at any time.

How to Apply?

Principal dates


15 Dec 2018. Application deadline for semester 1, 2019 (international)
31 May 2019. Application deadline for semester 2, 2019 (international)

Application Info

Tuition Fee

The fee shown here is likely to change in the next academic session. International students pay international student fees, a services and amenities fee, and overseas student health cover.

The fee shown here may vary from department to department. The expected general feeis;

  • Full fees vary from course to course but start at around $24,000 AUS (£15,700 GBP) for one year of a full-time undergraduate course and range up to £27,300 AUD (£18,200 GBP).

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