Courses to study without mathematics


Without doubts, mathematics has remained a ‘’dreaded’’ subject for many students. There’re no clear answers for this though. The topic of discuss strike to be a trend that has lingered for long. Mathematics as a subject is one of the subjects if students of secondary education are allowed to wave off, certainly, plenty students would gladly skip it. Some students often think mathematics is specifically meant for people with high intellectual ability. This alone dispirit a chunk of students from studying any field that involves some form of calculations in it.

Are you currently seeking for admission, precisely into any of the Nigeria public tertiary institutions and you have poor grade in mathematics such as D7, or E8, trust me there is no cause to worry.

Fortunately for those students with a cynical view on mathematics; seeking admission into any Nigeria tertiary institution, they won’t be overly bothered if they had a D7 or E8 in mathematics. This is because, most schools/courses nowadays consider any of the above-mentioned grades admissible.

Courses to study without Mathematics

In this article, we shall discuss some of the courses especially for the art related- courses that requires no mathematical skills or a credit pass in mathematics. I guess this is a sigh of ‘relief’ for many.

*Please take note, every university and department may have its admission requirements. It is pertinent you visit the official webpage of your desired institution or perhaps pay a visit to the school. This is necessary as some schools/universities may only have their information available in the department notice board.

Although, mathematics is one of the core subjects in the Nigeria curriculum system. It is an intuitive subject. Hence, the many different perspective about the subject. Surprisingly, there’re universities/schools that offers a well over fifty (50) courses that requires little or no mathematics as one of its prerequisites.

It’s still a mirage while many students in secondary schools consider mathematics as a ‘difficult’ subject. As we all know mathematics involves calculations and formulas. Students often times go as far as memorizing these formulas. Mathematical concepts are somewhat parallel. However, when one fails to grasps a concept, the likelihood of messing everything up is sure. Conceivably getting these formula right might just be a potential relief to this perturbed fear shrouded on the subject.

Nevertheless, some courses in the Nigeria tertiary institutions may or may not require an outright credit pass in mathematics. A majority of these universities consider it as ‘inconsequential’ as every department is expected to have its outlined admission requirements.

Interestingly, grades such as D7, or E8, which ordinarily would have denied an individual admission into any of the tertiary institutions, seamlessly, would be a gate pass to the incoming student.

For students who are less proficient in mathematics or have a weak pass in the subject can now successfully gain admission. Surely, in that bleak situation, there is hope for you.

If you don’t like mathematics, here are major Art-related courses (Social sciences) that doesn’t require mathematics or any mathematical skills for you to gain admission.

  • Mass-communication
  • Law
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • International relations
  • French
  • Public administration
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Policy and Strategic Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Secretarial Studies
  • Food science
  • Social Justice
  • Secretarial Admission
  • Political Science and Defense Studies
  • Library Science
  • Human resources Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism

The information shows that mathematics obviously is not needed in the aforementioned courses. An outright failure-(F9) has no place in these listed courses. Basically, this information is specifically for art-related courses.

*Students who hate mathematics but wish to study a science-related course must follow the subject with keen interest. Frankly speaking, some hate mathematics so much probably because of the method of teaching or simply because they are scared or do not like their mathematics teacher.

 It is pertinent to note that those who may wish to study any science-related course in the Nigeria tertiary institution must ensure at least earn a credit pass in mathematics. Anything short of a credit pass in Mathematics in this aspect can deny you that ample opportunity of being admitted into that university or department of your choice. You must know that mathematics requires a lot of patience and hardwork. I mentioned patience here because, it is generally believed mathematics is not a lazy subject. ‘’A quitter is not a mathematician…Nuff’’.

Just as we’ve listed for the art-related subjects/courses, here are lists of major courses you must earn a credit pass in mathematics.

They include the following:

  • Medicine & surgery
  • Engineering
  • Architectural science
  • Electrical/physics electronics
  • Nursing
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Statistics
  • Computer science
  • Biochemistry.
  • Botany
  • Anatomy
  • Pharmacy
  • Industrial mathematics
  • Industrial chemistry

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