List of Low Tuition Universities Abroad

The quest for students to pursue a degree abroad is increasing day by day. Every year, thousands of applications are received by various schools from eligible students seeking for admission. However, we can’t deny the fact that study abroad education does not come cheap, but that does not necessarily depict a student would break the bank to get an oversea education. One huge frightening factor standing in-between a student from achieving this ‘dream,’ is the tuition fee. Although, tuition fee of some countries appear cheaper. While some other countries may be on the high side.

International students seeking for admission abroad are expected to plan ahead. Preparing your budget and searching for an affordable school that suits your budget would certainly make things easy for you.

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Lists of Low Tuition Universities

As earlier stated, tuition fees of universities/colleges varies from countries, schools, and perhaps, programme of study. From an extensive research, universities in Europe, apparently are cheaper than universities in countries such as USA, Uk, Canada, Australia etc….

If you are on the lookout for affordable universities abroad, in this article, we shall present you with the lists of affordable/cheap tuition fee-counties and also lists of affordable universities.

These countries and schools are known for its low and affordable tuition fees for international students/domestic. Usually, the tuition fees are usually between 500 – 1500 euros per year.

Germany- Germany is a great place to study. It is home to some of the prestigious universities. Amazingly, this country still offer free tuition fee for both domestic and international students. The secret behind Germany’s world-class research and innovation is free access to its undergraduate and graduate studies. Please note, the free tuition fee is only accessible to public universities in Germany.  There’re other costs you are likely to pay though. It is very usual for students studying in Germany to pay a ‘semester fee’ or what is called ‘administrative fee’. Which is between 200-400 euros.


Students can still apply for scholarships to study in Germany. There are Scholarships available in Germany. One of the very reliable scholarship providers is The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).  

Lists of German universities with free tuition Fee

  1. Free university of Berlin
  2. Frankfurt university
  3. University of Bremen
  4. International university, Bremen
  5. University of Bayreuth
  6.  Ludwig Maximilians University
  7. University of Augsburg
  8.  University of Dortmund
  9. Humboldt-University, Berlin.
  10. University of Bonn  

Also, check these schools:

  • Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany   (Tuition fees: €251.46 per semester)

Founded in 2009 the university has two campuses, Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort. The university is one of the best, yet the tuition is very affordable.

  • University of Stuttgart   (Tuition fees: 165.25 per semester)

2. Finland – This is another awesome study abroad destination. One of the most organized countries in the EU, Finland is a great study destination because of the over 400 study programmes in English. Tuition fee in Finland is significantly affordable. What attracts international Bachelor’s students, even more, are the reasonable living costs. Tuition in Finland used to be free for non-EU students. But since August 2017, non EU/EEA students have to pay a minimum tuition fee of 1,500 EUR/year for Bachelors and masters English taught programmes. Courses in Finnish or Swedish medium and PHD courses is still tuition-free.

Here are universities with affordable tuition fee in Finland:

1. `Abo Akademi University

2. University of Helsinki

3. University of Jyvaskyla

4. University of Eastern Finland

3. France- This is one of the preferred study abroad countries with an affordable tuition fee. Public universities charge between 200 EUR-650 EUR/year. This depends entirely on the programme and degree type.

Students interested in studying in France, here are Lists of affordable universities in France:

  1. University of Angers Estimated fee – 217 EUR
  2. University of Strasburg Estimated fee -184
  3. University of Burgundy Estimated fee -190
  4. Ecole normale Estimated fee- 600
  5. Nantes university Estimated fee -184
  6. University of Paris-Sud Estimated fee -183

4. Norway- Norway is a fantastic place to study. Norway offers a very affordable tuition fee. Which is accessible to both foreign and domestic students. Norway, apparently operates a free-tuition fee for all students for all level. However, students will have to pay fee of NOK 300-600 per semester. This is will enable the student participate in the exams. The fee also grants a student membership in the student welfare organization, which gives the student ‘right’ to campus health services, counselling, access to sports facilities and cultural activities.

Lists of Tuition-free/affordable universities in Norway:

  1. Norwegian University of science Technology
  2. Univerversity of Nordland formerly Bodo University. Here students outside EU, are expected to provide a minimum amount of money to cover living expenses for one academic year. The current amount of money to be transferred to its university account is NOK 92 500 for the academic year.
  3. University of Bergen. Students are expected to pay the university semester fee of NOK 480 to the students welfare organization
  4. The Artic University of Norway. No tuition fee but, students are expected to pay NOK 500 semester fee.
  • Austria- Tuition fee in her universities are also affordable. If you come from a non-EU country then you will have to pay around 750-1,450 EUR/year for your studies. EU.EEA students who have not exceeded the minimum duration of their study program plus two semesters pays 365 Euros each semester.

Non- EU students in possession of a student’s residence permit are expected to pay   726.72 Euros per semester.

Lists of Universities with affordable tuition fee in Austria

  1. University of Graz, Austria   (Tuition fees: €363.3 and EUR €726.72 per semester)

University of Graz, is the second oldest in the country and one of the biggest universities in Austria, with great academic records.

  • University of Vienna, Austria   (Tuition fees: € 382.06 to € 745.42 per semester)

When it comes to popularity, University of Vienna, is among the highly rated public universities in Austria. The University is the biggest teaching and research institution in Austria. The university was founded in 1365. Surprisingly, the tuition fee here is relatively affordable.

6. Italy– Italy may not be listed among the top rated study abroad destinations amongst international students, but trust me, this great country has one of the best system of education. Which is the (Bologna system). Interestingly, if you are looking for an affordable country with cheap tuition fee, Italy must be listed. Italy is a very accessible study destination for international students. Bachelors cost foreign students around 850/1,000 EUR/year. Tuition in most renowned public universities may exceed this figure though.

Lists of Italian universities with affordable tuition fees:

  1. University of Siena- Estimated fee of 1,800 EUR/year
  • Free University of Bozen- Estimated fee of 2,200 EUR/year
  • University of Torino- Estimated fee of 2,800 EUR/ year
*For more information and admission requirements of the listed schools, kindly visit the official websites of these schools as the fees listed here are expected to change.

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