Investment Guild for Beginners

Investment tips for beginners. Basically, before you settle for any form of business, it is expected of you to have carried out a feasibility study on that business. There are factors to be put into considerations before you kick start any form of investment.

Understanding the industry and having a great knowledge of the investment you intend to embark on would be key to your success.

It is particularly common for a beginner to experience difficulties when trying to settle for an investment.


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Investment tips for beginners.

Most times, the fear factor plays in. Having doubts in the investment, little or no knowledge of about the business.

Nonetheless, the costs of running the investment effectively can deter a beginner from breaking even in the chosen investment.

Now let’s start by explaining what investment is all about, what are the nvestment tips for beginners? who is an investor, and why it is important for you to have an investment.

What is Investment?

To invest is the deliberate decision of stocking your money into a particular product or service oriented business, with the aim to get returns at the end.

Having multiple streams of income often necessitate an individual into searching for viable investment options.

There are various forms of investments. Whichever you choose, do ensure you are well informed on it.

The return may consist of a profit from the sale of property or an investment, or investment income including dividends, interests, rental income etc., or a combination of the two. The projected economic return is the appropriately discounted value of the future returns.

Who is an Investor?

Not every business person is an investor. An investor is a person that allocates capital with the expectation of having a future financial return.

Investors actually provide funds in exchange for an ownership stake or future return.

Investors dully carry out proper research on a brand before reaching consensus with the brand.

Investments comes in short term and long term. Investment tips for beginners. As a beginner, it will okay if you kick start with a short term investment plan.

Every investor must have a purpose and target towards any investment options being presented.

As a beginner venturing into any kind of investment without weighing the pros and cons of the investment may leave you completely deterred from venturing any further investment options in the future.

Why is it important for you to have an investment?

Human needs are insatiable. Having flows of income is basically, the main idea of venturing into investment options.

Investing smartly and watch it grow creates wealth. The returns would help solve basic needs.

Some very pertinent questions every beginner must ask him/herself includes the following

  • What do I intend to achieve from such investment?

It is not sufficient enough to jump into any investment made available.

What are your goals? Hearing that investment attracts returns does not necessarily means it is a get quick-rich scheme.

You’re saving for the future.

If you’re properly guided on your investment plan, yes, it should be able to off-set some bills for you.

  • How much you plan to start with?

The amount of money you intend to invest in can directly or indirectly determine your returns.

As a beginner, do not fret over the big money spenders when it comes to investment.

Seek for investments with low a start amount. Investment tips for beginners. You can start small and still earn big if well executed.

  • What are the possible strategies to implore in order to effectively run your investment?

Well, the strategies you implore into your investment can also be key to you having good returns.

Although, investments comes in various dimensions. There are service and profit-based investments.

In case you are having difficulties in identifying some of the investment options to delve in, try any of these listed below.
  • Stock market
  • Equity
  • Currency
  • Agriculture
  • Forex
  • Commodity
  • Entertainment
  • Textile
  • Film production etc…

Real estate

Investing in real estate can make you wealthy. You can go into land banking. This is usually done when you buy lands with relatively small amount of money, allow it appreciate and then sell off.

Also, you can invest in real estate homes. You are not the developer; you are a partner and from the agreement you reached with the real estate firm, at a given period, you get your returns.

As a beginner, you can actually start with zero capital. How you go about this is by you acting as a middle man in the realtor business.

You can kick start this by earning commissions from every sales you made.

After you might have saved some reasonable amount of money, you can now think of registering your own real estate firm.

Stock Market.

Stock market is one of the best form of investments for a beginner.

It is vital you have proper knowledge of the firm you want to invest in their shares.

To start your journey, you would be needing a stock broker. Your stock broker act as your guild.

There are registered stockbrokers. Do well to search for the ones available in your region.

Please note, there are some unscrupulous ones out there, ask around for reliable ones.


There are various commodities to choose from. It ranges from gold, diamond and other valuables.

Interestingly, to invest in these commodities are pocket friendly.


This is one of most viable industries to invest your money on. You can go into music production, artist management and promotion.

Investing in the entertainment industry is not only for the younger ones, in fact, investment has no age barrier.

Getting quality studio equipment and working with professionals would see you in a short time earning some cool returns.


Agriculture is one sure ways of getting back your seed capital and returns.

Investing in livestock or cash crops can earn you a decent income.

It is also important to understand how these things work.

You may not be a major player in the industry, you can invest your money in the business of other agropreneurs.

Now you have the lists of investments you can start as a beginner. You can choose to start with more than one. It all boils down to how much you are willing to invest in.

Also, remember to carry out proper research on any company you wish to invest your hard-earn money with.

Genuine investment pays, it is also important beginners wait to the maturity period before they have a conclusion on if to reinvest or quit.