How To Increase Your Finance As A Student

Investment ideas for African students
African scholars

Investment ideas for African students: Lack of funds most times is the major reason many students ended up as “drop-outs”.

Students who are not awarded any form of scholarships and grants may be overly bothered on the financial capabilities that would help in offsetting bills while studying.

There are various providers of scholarships, which African students might be eligible for, however, there is no such guarantee that every applicant would be considered.

It is very pertinent that before you enroll into any study programme of your choice, you consider the financial implications.

The thought of starting an investment as a student is considerably a wise decision.

Students who began running an investment while in school are known to be better entrepreneurs and great investors.

African students studying within or outside the African continent can grasp every opportunity that comes their way and decide on which to follow.

Although, starting any form of investment as a student do not come cheap and simple.

Combining lectures and business hours can never be an easy ride.

In ensuring that things work out for you, you must have a work plan.

It is worthy of note that not all investments requires physical presence. Therefore, as a student, you can run your investment successfully and still do well academically.

There are various investments ideas to choose from. Having some vital information on any you decide to go for is highly necessary.

The world is a global village. Some investments ideas outside the shores of Africa can  be introduced in any African soil and get good returns.

Searching for investments opportunities should not be regional or geographically based.

Some are some regular investment questions that arises…

How soon can you start your investment as a student?

There is no requisite time for one to venture into any form of investment.

Wealth making is a personal decision. It is only recommended to start whenever you have the time, information, and perhaps resources.

Human needs tend to increase. To satisfy some of these needs, then investment, saving  for the future is indeed necessary.

How to balance work and investment as a student?

Your academics is important. Your purpose for going to school in the first instance must not be truncated.

Staying focused would see you not give up on any either sides. As earlier stated in this article, having a work plan is key to your success.

Better still, you should start with a business that may not require your presence 100%.

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What are the investment opportunities African students can venture into?

Seeking for investment opportunities can be borne-out of passion or harnessing the potentials in such investment.

Before you venture into any investment, carry out a though feasibility study on it.

Often times, we’ve seen cases of students using money for their tuition and other fees to venture into unverified investment option.

Avoid get-rich quick schemes. Most times, the end result turns disastrous.

Also, you should work on your available budget.

Your money at hand would likely influence your decision.

Working with what you have and have room for increment is a better option.

It is not advisable to seek for loan at first to start any form of investment or business.

Raising capital no doubt can be challenging. Rather, you can borrow money from relatives, friends etc…


Lists of investment opportunities African students can venture into

Your passion towards the investment is vital to your success. Our lists are basically small business you can venture in as a student.

Starting small and staying focused is all you require.

The decision to invest online or offline is up to you. You must your strength and weaknesses.

The environmental factor

All businesses are viable. It is important to identify those things which are missing in your environment/neighbourhood.

With this, you will have little or no competitor, hence the huge patronage.

The lists of investment for African students includes the following
  • Graphic Designing

As an African student, you can start this with very little capital. Graphic designers are always sought after.

You can still continue even after leaving school. There online courses you can start with or you look around to learn it offline.

Your knowledge on Coreldraw and Photoshop is very instrumental for your advancement in graphics designing.

Graphic design is always recommended for students. You can work remotely.

  • Blogging

There are millions of blogs out there. Starting a blog is a good business and investment to settle for.

Aside the monetary gains, it will help you as a student get improved in your thinking and writing.

Blogging is an investment on its own. Having a niche-based blog and running it efficiently would soon see you counted as one of the youngest and successful bloggers.

You may choose to have a blog centered on any of these niches

  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Fashion
  • Music/entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Auto

All these are quite lucrative. Go for what you have passion for and invest in it.

You can own a blog, while you still write for other blogs.

  • Web development

Web developers/programmers are constantly sought after. If you have passion for coding, this is recommended for you.

The field is so enterprising. You can choose to work in ICT companies, or be your own boss.

As a student, this won’t clash with your academics.

Search for top demand language, invest your time and resources, and watch things work or you.

  • Snack/juice store

This is one of the fastest ways to make money while studying. Running a store that sells snack/juice would be providing you daily income.

Starting small and watch it grow is practically possible.

Also, this business may require no startup at first.

You can start by collecting on credit and have a certain commission given to you after sales.

Some of the big eateries/bakeries kick-started their journey this way.

  • Information marketing

Despite being a student, you can achieve this. Information marketing is about selling vital information.

Interestingly, this can be done online and remotely.

As an information marketer, you also invest in big information marketing companies.

This business/investment is very convenient for a student to run effectively.

  • Mini-importation

This is one of the avenues for wealth creation. This is quite lucrative and does not end while you are still studying.

Look around for those things missing in your environment. There are top and trusted sites to get these things ordered from online.