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How to Study in Estonia: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements Plus List of Top Universities

How to Study in Estonia. Estonia is fast becoming one of the preferred study countries. The country is a great place to enroll for your higher education study. Estonian universities offers undergraduate programs, postgraduate/master’s and even doctoral degrees.

Estonia is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. The country  borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. Although, the country is not a very large country. Estonia have been ruled by countries like Denmark, Russia, Germany and Sweden but regained their independence on August 20 1991. This has seen the country undergo economic and social transformation which has seen it become one of the fastest growing economie

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     How to Study in Estonia

s in the world with the aid of modern technology.

Academic Year/Intakes

How to Study in Estonia. The academic year for every university starts between September-June

Why study in Estonia?

Estonia is one peaceful country with high standard education with an acceptable recognised degree all over the world. The tuition fee in Estonian universities are relatively cheap

Another attractive aspect of an education in Estonia is that the country is also one of healthiest places to live in with 50% of its territory covered in forests. Along with quaint inlets and gorgeous beaches, these natural wonders remain relatively untouched, due to the nation’s small population size.


Several universities in Estonia have different tuition fees depending on the level of study and specialization. Normally tuition fees cost between 1023 to 7350 Euros per year. Graduate and postgraduate courses may cost more depending on the course and university chosen by students.

SHow to Study in Estonia. Some courses and programs such as law, medicine, business administration and social sciences are more expensive. Also some higher education institutions may charge different tuition fees for students from the European Union and students from outside the European Union.

Students involved in exchange programs are exempted from tuition fees and are entitled to a small grant if stated in the agreement.

It is important to note that tuition fees may change so it is important to contact the institution you plan to study to get up to date information concerning the tuition fees charged.


Undergraduate students

Candidates should have completed their secondary education or its equivalent

Applicants should be eligible for higher education in their home country

In some instances, more qualifying exams may be needed for admission to higher education institutions in Estonia

Graduate students

How to Study in Estonia. For students interested in enrolling for master studies, they should have completed their bachelor degree studies

For students interested in enrolling for doctoral studies, they should have completed their masters degree studies


How to Study in Estonia. The government of Estonia offers several scholarships to university students, researchers, or lecturers to study and do research at public universities and institutions in Estonia.

Scholarships in Estonia are mostly meant for masters degree and doctoral degree but in some cases scholarships are given for bachelor degrees

Doctoral Studies and InternationalisationProgramme “DoRa” activities are meant for masters students, doctoral students and members of teaching staff who are already studying or working at higher education institutions in Estonia or intend to do so.

List of Universities in Estonia

  1. University of Tartu
  2. Tallinn University
  3. Tallinn Technical University
  4. Tartu Medical School
  5. Audentes University
  6. Audentes University, Tartu Branch
  7. Concordia International University Estonia
  8. Estonian Academy of Arts
  9. Estonian Academy of Music
  10. Estonian Agricultural University
  11. Estonian Business School
  12. Estonian Public Service Academy
  13. International University Estonia
  14. Tallinn Institute of Technology
  15. University Nord

If you find interest in any of the universities, do well by visiting their official websites for more clarification.





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