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Hot Courses for Employment in Nigeria: Job Prospects

A chosen field of study in the university can directly or indirectly create job opportunities for a person after graduation. We totally concur every field or course has its major role towards solving a problem. To this effect, every course has its potentials. Nowadays, it has proven otherwise that some courses has more potential value than others. Students now choose a course based on the demand in the labor market and consider the sustainable value of the course towards being self-independent

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Career with high job prospects in Nigeria

University education in Nigeria cynically, lays so much emphasis on certificate.  This does not emphatically state that industries/employers of labor pay negligence on skill competence.

Every course is important, the obvious truth is that some fields of study in the Nigerian tertiary education are less needed in the country. The big question is why include them into the system? It is therefore, very important when choosing a course to study in Nigeria, you should also consider the employability status of graduates from the said course.

Adequate preparedness, proper guidelines, would certainly a help a student to settle well for a particular course. A large number of university graduates would want to test the waters in their field of endeavors by working as interns. On the other hand, employers of labor would also want to have the desired candidate with the requisite qualifications for the job.

The Nigeria labor market is very open and a survival for the fittest attitude for every graduate to display his/her potentials. For this potentials to become a reality, we have come to terms that there are courses with a higher job prospects.

Most of these courses can be studied in any government or private university in the country. However, do well to check if the department has a full accreditation from the National University commission (NUC). You can choose to study any of our listed courses in these universities: University of Lagos, University of Port Harcourt, and University of Calabar, Covenant university, University of Ibadan, Babcock University, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, University of Benin, and a host of others.

The lists of Best courses for employment in Nigeria includes the following:

  • Information communication technology (ICT)

This is one of the top courses that consistently demand workers into its various fields. Graduates in this field are highly sought after. Most countries are embracing technology. With Nigeria included in the lists. ICT is rapidly changing global production, work and business methods and trade and consumption patterns in and between enterprises and consumers. The IT world is quite vast. Graduates of ICT must explore the IT industry to know where their strength dwells. There are top ICT jobs, graduates with competent skills can settle in any of these field

Job Prospect in the ICT Industry

Software developer 

 Systems analyst

 Business analyst 

IT support analyst

Web designer 

Web Programmer

Network engineer


Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing, dispensing, and review of drugs and providing additional clinical services. Pharmacy needs no introduction. It is a popular field of study. Graduates of pharmacology or pharmacy can fit in some other places.

Job prospect for Pharmacists

Hospital pharmacists

Pharmaceutical industries

University lecturer

Government agencies

Community pharmacists

Computer Engineering

Graduates of computer engineering with competent skills are widely sought after. It is one of the best and marketable courses in Nigeria. Computer engineering covers the important areas of electronic circuits and systems, digital system design, computer architecture, networks, algorithms, and software systems.

Job Prospects for Computer Engineering Graduates

Hardware engineer


Manufacturing plant – Control and Instrumentation.

Corporate – Enterprise systems architecture.

Software development and software architecture.

Broadcasting house


Most government accredited universities in Nigeria have faculty of medicine. Medicine is the science and practice of establishing the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. There are hospitals in Nigeria still experiencing shortages of medical doctors and nurses. Aside working in hospitals, graduates are needed in some other vital industries.

Job prospects for Medicine Graduates

Public Health Worker

Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner

Crowd Doctor

Health-media practitioner

Sports Medicine

Medical/ Pharmaceutical Researcher.

For nursing graduates, certainly, where a medical doctor is needed, a nurse is expected to be there too. Nursing degree has a marketable place in Nigeria.

Job prospects for nursing degree

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse.

Physician’s Office Nurse

School Nurse (Education)

Legal Consultancy Nurse


Marketing is one of the most popular courses and being offered by many universities.  Marketing is a great subject to study. Marketing graduates are needed to improve sales and growth of a business.  Marketing graduates with the set skills help businesses grow, promote and sell products through the use of marketing strategies, trend analysis, research and pricing.

Job prospects for marketing degree

Account Executive.

Production Manager.

Advertising/Promotion Manager.

Brand Manager.

Marketing Manager.

Market Research Analyst.

Media Planner.


This is one of the courses with a huge patronage. Graduates of law can choose to work in some other sectors. There are amazing things one can do with his/her law degree away from the known working in a legal chamber.

Job prospects of a law degree

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Development Agencies

Government and politics.

Banking sector



Media houses


Accountancy is another very important course with lots of job opportunities. Accounting is a process by which financial data and economic activities of organizations and individuals are collected, sorted, summarized. Graduate of accounting that wants to attract high paying jobs are advised to write professional exams like ICAN, upon completion and awarded a certificate, this qualifies the person to be called a ‘chartered accountant’.

Accountants are required in most establishments. The opportunities are enormous. Accounting graduates can serve in the listed positions in an establishment.

Job prospects of accounting degree

Business development manager.

Data analyst.


Purchasing manager

Management consultant.

Mortgage adviser.


To study Architecture inany Nigeria university requires that students have passion for the course. Architecture is described as the art and science of designing and engineering large structures and buildings. There is market for graduates of architecture.

Job prospects for architecture degree

Higher education lecturer.

Building surveyor

Production designer.

Construction manager.

Estates manager.

Town plannner

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