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Affordable Universities In Canada For Foreign Students|| Tuition Fee Between $5000-$16000

Canada is a country located in the northern part of North America. A study in Canada can be a dream come-through for some study-abroad enthusiats. No doubt, Canada, is one of the very sought-after when it comes to study abraod education.

Every year, thousands of applications are been sent to various universities in Canada, all thanks to its quality and research-intensive institutons of higher learning in the country.

Studying in Canada can a rewarding investment for your future with access to a premier education, students stand to enjoy exciting cross-cultural experiences, and a globally recognized degree.

However, some international students may erroneously think a study in Canada requires you break the bank.  Here in this article, i can categorically tell you there are quite a good number of affordable universities and colleges in Canada.

In this article, we will be providing you with lists of some of the low tuition universities in Canada with tuition fees between $5,000 to $10,000 per academic year.

Admission intake

Just like their counterparts in UK, Europe and USA,, students accepatability is based on early application and other eligiblity status. Starting early can be a deciding factor. You have to consider also your Visa processes.

Most Canadian institutions have 3 intakes in a year. These three intakes are winter, spring and fall. Although each university have specific admission processes. You will need to contact the school and find out the available intake periods for your program. You can do this by calling or sending a mail to the admissions department. For further information do well by visiting the official website of your intending institution.

List of low tuition universities & Colleges in Canada for international students

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Universities                                   Tuition         

Dominican University College                $5,000

Brandon University                               $6,219

Universite de Saint-Boniface                  $6,420

Canadian Mennonite University              $7,560

Memorial University Of Newfoundland     $8,800

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology  $5000 – $7000

The Kings University College                    $9,920

Athabasca University                               $9,440 – $10,490

Canadian Mennonite University                 $7,728 –  $7,728

Université de Moncton                             $10,270 – $10,270

Saint Paul University                               $9,836

Universite’ Saint- Anne                            $8,820

Mount Royal University                            $11,121

The University of Winnipeg                      $12,228

Concordia University of Edmonton            $11,680

List of Universities in Canada with affordable tuition fees for international students

UniversityUndergraduate Tuition (USD$)Postgraduate Tuition (USD$)
Macmaster University14000 – 1600014000- 16000
University of Western Ontario14000- 1600012000- 14000
University of Otawa14000- 1600014000-16000
Dalhousie University14000-1600014000-16000
University of Victoria14000- 160006000 – 8000
University of Saskatchewan12000- 14000   4000- 6000
University of Manitoba12000-14000   8000- 10000
Memorial University of Newfoundland
8,800 – 8,800
University of Prince Edward Island11,600 – 11,600
Acadia University14,553 – 14,553
Université Sainte-Anne8,540 – 8,540
Mount Saint Vincent University
11,968 – 11,968
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University)13,248 – 13,248
St. Francis Xavier University
13,560 – 13,560
Saint Mary’s University12,500 – 12,500
Cape Breton University
12,490 – 12,490
Université de Moncton
9,971 – 9,971
University of Northern BC9,814
University of Lethbridge10,370


List of low tuition universities in Canada with contact information

UniversitiesUndergraduate tuition feesPostgraduate tuition feesPhone contactsEmail contacts
Brandon University$5000 to $8000$5000 to $
Memorial University of Newfoundland$6000 to $8800$6000 to $
Saint Paul University$5000 to $6000$5000 to $6000+161323661393
Athabasca University$9000 to 10000$9000 to $10000
Concordia University Edmonton$11000 to 12000$11000 to
University of Manitoba$12000 to 14000$8000 to 10000+18004321960
University of Saskatchewan$12000 to $14000$4000 to $
University of Winnipeg$12000 to $15000$12000 to $
MacMaster University$14000 to $16000$14000 to $
University of Victoria$14000 to $16000$6000 to $
University of Ottawa$14000 to $16000$14000 to
Dalhousie University$14000 to $16000$14000 to $
Mount Royal University$11000 to $12000$11000 to $12000
University of Western Ontario$14000 to $16000$12000 to $


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