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5 Best Universities in Europe To Study Data Science–Masters Level

Masters in Data Science. Data science is quite an intersting field. Graduates of data science and business analytics are highly sought-after.

The study of data science is seriously gaining a huge recognition more especially for students going for masters level.

What is the study of Data Science?

Data Science is a field that comprises of everything related to cleansing, preparation, and analysis. The study of data science is very important. Data scientists extract insights and information from data.

Masters in Data Science.

To study data science, first, it is expected that the individual learns basic mathematics and statistics required for data science. Develop a basic understanding of machine learning algorithms and very importantly, work on projects and create a portfolio of projects.

Top Universities to Study Masters in Data Science Masters in Europe

If you’re searching for schools in Europe, where you can study data science; theacedemicarena, have these schools listed below as our top 5 schools in Europe to study Data science and business anal



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Study Data science

1. LMU Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich popularly knowns as LMU is a public research university located in Munich, Germany. Masters students who wish to study data science here should note that the interdisciplinary program is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at LMU Munich. Students will learn statistical and computational methods for collecting, managing, and analyze large and complex data sets and how to extract knowledge and information from these data sets. The program also comprises courses on data security, data confidentiality, and data ethics. In the practical modules, students will tackle real-world problems in cooperation with industrial partners.


Upon finishing the course, graduates can be employed as a data scientist in the private or public sector in various fields like applied economics, political science, sociology, education, medicine, public policy, and media research. Students may also pursue a doctoral study in a wide variety of academic disciplines that involve quantitative analysis.

Field of Study- MSc Data Science 

2. University of Essex

The University of Essex is a public research university in Essex, England. It was established in 1963. The Master’s program emphasizes on linking artificial intelligence techniques to real-world applications and projects,

including artificial intelligence in business and financial applications, artificial intelligence in games, artificial intelligence in biological sciences and medicine, and artificial intelligence in industrial control. You will study Genetic algorithms,  Evolutionary programming,  Fuzzy systems,  Neural networks,  Connectionist systems,  Hybrid intelligent systems.

Field of study- MSc Artificial Intelligence 

3. Linkoping University


Linköping University is a state university in Linköping, Sweden. Linköping University was granted full university status in 1975 and is now one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions. Education, research and PhD training are the mission of four faculties: Arts and Sciences, Educational Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Institute of Technology.

The data science program here, focuses on modern methods from machine learning and database management that use the power of statistics to build efficient models, make reliable predictions and optimal decisions. The programme provides students with unique skills that are among the most valued on the labour market.


The program is designed for students with a background in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science or engineering. Most of the courses included in the program provide students with a deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience from extensive amounts of laboratory work.

In the final term of the Master’s program, students will receive help from the University to find a private company or a government institution where they can work towards their Master’s thesis.

Field of study– MSc Statistics and Machine Learning 

4. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a plate glass research university in Coventry, England. The data analytics program at Warwick provides an interdisciplinary training that makes the graduates highly employable in cybersecurity,

finance, government and technology. It’s among the elite courses of its kind in the UK. The course is designed for technically minded graduates with a background in computer science, mathematics or the physical sciences. The course provides a distinctive perspective on data analytics that combines aspects of computer science, business, engineering and mathematics.

Field of study- MSc Data Analytics 

 5. University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim abbreviated UMA, is a public research university in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Mannheim Master in Data Science (MMDS) program is an interdisciplinary one, and


jointly offered by the University of Mannheim’s Data and Web Science Group, Institute of Business Informatics, Department of Sociology, Department of Political Science, and Institute of Mathematics.

Masters in Data Science. In this school, the program primarily covers Data Management, Data Mining and Text Mining, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Statistics.


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